Tuesday, 13 September 2011


We were invited to go on the Heritage Day Cruise by British Waterways via Lancaster Canal Trust,to see the Restoration Works on the Lune Aqueduct presently in it's early stages.The main purpose was to see the poor state of the Aqueduct as is BEFORE the work is carried out.This will enable us to fully appreciate the improvement achieved when the work on the £2 million restoration project is completed,and for public awareness of how important it is that this work is done to preserve this monumental construction,The Lune Aqueduct.Aboard " Kingfisher" widebeam Waterbus we were made very comfortable.The cruise was very calm and smooth as early on in the day the weather was quite fair and temperate,and rain kept off until after our voyage was completed.It is good to be brought up to date with current goings on.Thanks to British Waterways, Lancaster Canal Boats and all individuals concerned for a pleasant and enlightening day.


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